Software Testing

Testing Web Apps

More browsers and devices hit your web applications daily and your app has to deliver consistent and high-quality experience across all of them.

FluentPro provides web app test service to ensure your web experience works for your users on the browsers and devices that matter to them.

Testing Desktop Apps

Your app users interact with desktop apps everyday and they expect those apps to be high quality from the start. With so many operating systems, platforms, languages and environments to validate, desktop applications face a range of challenges. FluentPro is here to advance the app quality.

We will use:

  • Both real PCs and virtual machines
  • Multiple versions of OS installed as well as languages
  • Real persons to test the software manually
  • Automated testing 

Types of testing we perform

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Load Testing

Getting Started

Getting started with FluentPro testing services is affordable - we will make sure that costs fits into your budget. Please let us know more about you application, testing services you are looking for and we will get you a quote right away.

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