Product Engineering

Knowledge and Experience

Our team has experience of developing software solutions on Microsoft .Net platform starting 2000. Majority of our developers spent more than ten years developing software using .Net and C# and work for years together at FluentPro. We build our own software products that used daily by multi-billion corporations all over the world, and it is shelf products. 

For our customers we've built different solutions - complex enterprise systems, desktop applications, SaaS systems, web-services, integration hubs and portals .

Top Talent

Quality matters and seniority and experience of development team is critical for success. We only work with senior level developers and bright starts. As the product development company, we build our own products and we know that seniority rocks. To build high-quality software products on-time and within budget you need senior team, not juniors.

We do not go the way of other companies; majority of companies on the market will build a project team with a mix of resources - juniors, maybe several mid-level and maybe one senior that will act as team leader. But it is not our approach.

The only way to develop great software is to have great senior developers. At FluentPro, our teams built from senior developers only (we cannot afford junior developers). As result, we offer many advantages to our partners and customers - realistic  estimates, superior quality, great communications and the most important  - we do deliver software and deliver it on time.


Quality Matters

  • We know that every product is unique and requires unique approach
  • We use the best teams of developers and test engineers
  • We use the best methodologies and framework
  • We focus on delivering value while following all the process requirements
  • We have our own software development center in Eastern Europe.
  • Our founders and management are in software development business since 1999 as well as key resources.
  • FluentPro Software is in the software development business as entity since 2009.
  • We have the best and most talented team of senior developers.
  • We build products that we sell and support for years; We understand the quality of software.
  • We have affordable and flexible pricing.
  • We are working on project-basis engagements and fixed price contracts.

Getting Started

Please contact us and let us know which application you would like to build and we will schedule a conference call to discuss your needs and requirements.


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