EPM Pulse Project Server Edition

  • "I waited for 3 month to get new executive dashboard developed and deployed"
  • "It took our developers 2 weeks to get final round of changes to the dashboard implemented"
  • "It takes forever. Dashboard design is outdated even before we start using it"

We created FluentPro EPM Pulse so this never could happen again.

Build dashboard and status reports in minutes instead of days and weeks using pre-defined building blocks. Visualize. Analyze. Export. Share. Present.

Why EPM Pulse is so different?

Data is everywhereWe give you all the power to visualize it the way you want it without any development.

Forget about spending countless hours with developers, never-stopping design and review meetings with development team and waiting for weeks and months to get dashboards and reports you need today.

You are in a full control - and all that you need - your imagination, understanding of the nature of information, computer mouse and 10 minutes of your time to build dashboard that you need right now. That is it.

With EPM Pulse you use language of Executives, PMO and project managers to build dashboards and not the tables, SQL queries, formatting, joins and unit transformation.

EPM Pulse Benefits

  • Increased transparency of the project management process
  • Instant access to the latest actual information on projects and portfolios
  • Make decisions based on the true state of the portfolio and projects
  • Very short turnaround time for changes in dashboard and reports, minutes instead of hours and days
  • Ease of use, self-service approach
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • 90% reduction of development and administration efforts
  • Low cost of ownership

Significant Savings

EPM Pulse will provide significant savings to your company, not only in TCO but also in terms of higher visibility, ability to make decisions based on actual information and ability to make these decisions instantly.

EPM Pulse total cost of ownership

Link: Business Case : EPM Pulse for Project Server 2010/2013

EPM Pulse Main Features

  • Create and view Portfolio and Project dashboards
  • Build dashboards with drag-and-drop
  • Use over 200 pre-built charts for designing dashboards
  • Use web-based state of the art Dashboard Designer
  • Embed dashboard into PDP, PWA and Project sites
  • Display Real-time data
  • Full-screen presentation mode for dashboards
  • Share dashboards with entire organization
  • Send links to dashboards to your peers
  • Support of the Project Server security
  • Permissions management via SharePoint Groups
  • Ability to create custom widgets

Available Widgets

  • Vertical and Horizontal Bars
  • Stacked charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Scattered Charts
  • Bubble Charts
  • Tables
  • KPI
  • Dynamic Indicators
  • Field Values
  • Heatmaps
  • Project and Portfolio timelines
  • OData tables

Personalized Demo

Fell free to contact us and request a demo of EPM Pulse. We will:

  • Schedule 1 hrs demo
  • Show how to use product, how to build dashboards, how to extend EPM Pulse
  • Learn more about your needs, see how EPM Pulse meets your needs
  • Answer all questions you might have

Evaluation License

We offer evaluation license for the EPM Pulse for a 30 days period.

Terms for the evaluation license:

  • Evaluation is for an enterprise license 
  • This offer is available for all EPM Pulse for Project Server 2010 / Project Server 2013 / Project Server 2016
  • Product can be upgraded at any time to full license
  • Starting product evaluation means that you read, have the power to accept and fully accepted the MSA published on this website. FluentPro Software Corporation limit of responsibility cannot be higher than amount paid for the license. By starting evaluation you accept this statement without any additional conditions.
  • After installation, send us a product code to obtain your license (see http://help.epmpulse.com/getting_started/start )
  • We provide assistance with installation and as well offer a free 1 hour requirements  analysis / demo / training session.

EPM Pulse 2010/2013/2016 pricing

  • Standard Edition, annual subscription; per PWA, 50 users package
    Please contact us.
  • Standard Edition, annual subscription; per PWA, 150 users package
    Please contact us.
  • Standard Editionannual subscriptionper PWA, 500 users package
    Please contact us.
  • Enterprise Edition, annual subscription; Per PWA. 
    Unlimited users. Please contact us.

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