Backup for Project Online

Do you know a feature missing in Project Online? Administrative backups.

FluentPro developed a SaaS service for backup of Project Online configuration, data and SharePoint content using our own proprietary technologies running on secure, stable and innovative Microsoft Azure. Perform full or partial backup by schedule or on-demand, create multiple backup plans and restore when needed.


  • PWA configuration
  • Project schedules
  • SharePoint content (SharePoint sites, Project Sites)
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • On-demand
  • For selected elements (projects / sites)

Backup benefits

  • Keep data backups and restore configuration, projects and sites any time
  • Very flexible backup schedule
  • Define what to backup (exact projects, sites)
  • No support of timesheets backup / restore
  • Enterprise global is not supported
  • SharePoint sites security settings / item level security not supported
  • PWA can be restored only to the same URL. Please contact us if you need ability to restore to different URL within tenant.
  • Project Online has throttling. For customers with a significant data volume (over 100 projects / project sites) require dedicated backup environment; Please contact us for more details.

Backup for Project Online Subscription Pricing

  • Backup for Project Online, SaaS, Annual Subscription; for PWA with up to 100 projects
    Please contact us.
  • Backup for Project Online with customer's Azure Storage, SaaS, Monthly Subscription; for PWA with up to 100 projects
    Please contact us.
  • Backup for Project Online, Dedicated cloud solutionwith optional customer's Azure Storage; for PWAs with over 100 projects
    Please contact us.
  • Backup for Project Online, Customer Azure / Datacenter Hosted with advances support
    Call us for pricing

Ready to get started?

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