Project Online Data Mart

Do you need Project Online data in-house for reporting?

Many companies face issues of using OData and want data for reporting in their environment. Using free SSIS packages, it is possible to do but data model is different as compared to the original Microsoft Project Server database schema and existing SSRS reports must be modified. We offer a ready-to-use solution - version of EPM Pulse installed on your servers that can be connected to Project Online.  

  • Our storage data model is 99% the same as Project Server 2013 so all your reports will work.
  • You get more data from Project Online, no need to develop / modify / support SSIS packages
  • Installed on standalone Windows server VM (your Data Center / Azure / Amazon)
  • Data Mart creates snapshots of your projects, tasks, resources, risks and issues and provides interface for Power BI to access this information
  • Uses your existing MS SQL server  


  • You do not need to develop / maintain any SSIS / OData import packages - all sync is done on the background by EPM Pulse
  • You do not need to solve issues with authentication and how to show reports in Project Online
  • You data is secure and stored in isolated database 
  • You do not need to change your SSRS reports to new data schema - we use same data storage model; The only thing you need to change is parameter names (Start / Finish dates, Project IDs)
  • You can control what users can see in your reports
  • Low yearly subscription
  • Ability to bring other PPM data into data mart
  • Access to standard EPM Pulse functionality to build / view / manager dashboards and reports in web application
  • Trending / Snapshot data for Projects, Tasks, Resources with interface to Power BI

EPM Pulse Data Mart Edition

  • Enterprise: Unlimited users - please contact us for special pricing.


EPM Pulse Data Mart

Please contact us to purchase .