Products for Project Server 2013

Autocomplete Manager

Very often companies face a problem that data to some enterprise custom fields should come from external data sources. For example - list of people in security group or product codes from SharePoint list or at the database. FluentPro Autocomplete Manager provides this functionality.

  • Dynamic lookup of the data from security group
  • Dynamic lookup of the data from SharePoint List
  • Dynamic lookup of the data from SQL query to the database

Available as SharePoint solution.



FluentPro PDP Manager

Microsoft Project Server is using the PDPs (Project Details Pages) to display project information (attributes / custom fields). Those PDP host standard Project Fields webpart that allows to display only values. Many of customer want to get more flexibility - they want to control formatting and visibility of the fields - for example to make some field bold, highlight it in red or make them read-only without workflow and only on some PDPs. FluentPro PDP Manager solves this problem -  users can configure PDP's look and feel as you want.

  • Change color / style / font size
  • Control read-only mode for some fields
  • Provide alternative title and description
  • Control field's visibility in View and Edit modes

FluentPro Lookup Manager

Microsoft Project Server is using lookup tables as one of the key elements of its data model. Lookup tables are dictionaries, and in real world values in those dictionaries were already defined and usually managed in some database or in SharePoint system. FluentPro Lookup Manager provides functionality to synchronize lookup tables with values from SharePoint lists (as well as with external table in database via BCS - Business Connectivity Services) .

  • Synchronize Lookup tables with SharePoint lists
  • Synchronize Lookup tables with SQL Server Databases
  • Add-only mode supported
  • All edited values in source will be added as new values
  • No delete operation supported
  • Run on schedule


All 3 products available as one package only.

FREE Evaluation License

We offer free 30 days license for fully functional version of all products for evaluation purposes.

Terms for the evaluation license:

  • This offer is available for Autocomplete Manager, Lookup Manager and PDP Manager.
  • To receive full-functional evaluation license, please email your company name, full name, email and desired evaluation start date to You will receive instructions for the product download and licensing of the software.
  • Products should be activated on each PWA. You need to send generated code to get a license.
  • Your evaluation license will expire in 30 days after the start date
  • Starting product evaluation means that you read, have the power to accept and fully accepted the MSA published on this website. FluentPro Software Corporation limit of responsibility cannot be higher than amount paid for the license. By starting evaluation you accept this statement without any additional conditions.

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