Product Support Service Level Agreement for FluentPro Software Products

FluentPro Software aims to respond within 24 working hours to new support requests and provide an update at least every 48 hours for existing support requests, however, we usually respond significantly faster. With customers operating across different time zones, we try to prioritize our support requests, so that we can provide the best level of support for all our customers across the globe. We take exceptional efforts to provide support in accordance with our SLA, but cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the customer or for reasons outside of our control.

Our Product Support SLA covers FluentPro Software products exclusively and does not cover support of Microsoft software or any third party software.

Standard Product Support Includes:

  • Help regarding FluentPro Software products within purchased subscription period
  • Help regarding FluentPro Software products under evaluation
  • Help with issues during installation of FluentPro Software products
  • Help with issues during FluentPro Software products upgrades, except when outlined in Documentation
  • Help troubleshooting problems with FluentPro Software products
  • Help identifying workarounds related to FluentPro Software products

Standard Product Support Does Not Include:

  • Training for FluentPro Software products
  • Support for Customers who do not have a valid and current license or active subscription of FluentPro Software products
  • Support related to non-FluentPro products
  • Support related to FluentPro Software products that have been retired
  • Support for Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Project Online or other Microsoft products
  • Support for custom scripts written by customers and used in FluentPro products
  • Support for FluentPro Software products in Microsoft Project Server versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft
  • Support for FluentPro Software products in the environment no longer supported by Microsoft, in particular Microsoft Windows of .NET Framework versions
  • Beta or Development releases of FluentPro Software products
  • Support for free FluentPro Software products

Business Hours and Response Time

Our core support hours are Monday – Friday, 4:00AM – 6:00PM US Eastern time.

Our Standard Product Support Service team is unavailable due to holidays during the year of 2017 at following dates: 1/02, 1/09, 3/08, 4/17, 5/01, 5/02, 5/09, 6/05, 6/28, 8/24, 10/14.

Logging a Support Request

Support requests are logged via the form at or by sending an email to

In order to help us to investigate a reported problem and provide the solution as soon as possible, please provide us as much relevant information as possible, such as:

  • Product name and version you are using
  • Information about your license
  • Version of Microsoft Project Server (if applicable)
  • All information regarding the issue you are facing including log files, steps to reproduce, screenshots, etc.
  • Web browser used and its version number (if applicable)

FluentPro Software cannot be held liable for any advice given by third parties.