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Have you ever spent hours manually moving configuration and making sure that everything is correct? Typing all those names of views and fields and PDPs? Preserving right order of fields? Editing and moving projects one-by-one? Moving permissions? Do you think that Project Server administration is not as simple as it should be?

There is a way to make your work managing Project Server / Project Online easier - FluentPro FluentBooks.

FluentBooks automates your work; it saves hours and days of work and gives you control and speed of migration that you never experienced before. Hours instead of days. Minutes instead of hours. Plan your migration, click a button and be free to learn new cool stuff and do what you love instead of typing all those field names, values and setting check-boxes. FluentBooks will do the rest. We promise - you will fall in love with FluentBooks same way as we did.


FluentBooks Benefits

  • 10x savings of hours spent on migrations. Spend minutes instead of hours.
  • Significant reduction of errors due the fully automated migration process.
  • Identification of potential conflicts and errors prior to actual migration.
  • Complete support of change management processes in your organization.
  • Significant reduction of time spent on bulk edit operations (projects, resources, lookup tables).
  • Increased work satisfaction of Project Server administrators - FluentBooks removes manual and boring repetitive work.
  • Cost savings - cost of license usually pays off within first migration (depends on environment complexity and data volume).

Platforms supported and editions of FluentBooks

FluentBooks is available for all of the Project Server versions currently supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft Project Server 2013 / Project Online:

  • Standard Edition - management and migration between Project Server 2010/2013 and Project Server 2013
  • Project Online Edition - management and migration between Project Online and Project Online
  • Cloud Migrator Edition - management and migration from Project Server 2010/2013 to Project Online
  • Cloud Extractor Edition - management and migration from Project Online to Project Server 2013

Microsoft Project Server 2010:

  • Standard Edition - management and migration between Project Server 2010 PWAs
  • Migration of the most important and time consuming configuration settings and data between Project Server PWAs and/or Project Online PWAs
  • Migration from On-Premises to Project Online
  • Compare PWAs, generate difference report
  • PWA merge (merging 2 or more PWAs into one)
  • Migration of Project sites and SharePoint content 
  • Documenting of the PWA configuration
  • Project Bulk Edit
  • Resource Bulk Edit
  • Import / Export of custom fields, lookup tables, projects and resources to/from Microsoft Excel
  • Support of command line parameters for migration automation
  • FluentBooks is available for Project Server 2010, 2013 and Project Online
  • Comes packaged with Project Migrator 2010 / 2013
  • FluentBooks is Desktop Application. Project Migrator 2010 / 2013 are add-ins for Project Professional 2010/2013.

Project Schedule Migration

  • Project Migrator is a tool that enables project schedule migration between different PWA. Project Migrator is add-in for Microsoft Project Professional / Microsoft Project Pro.
  • Project Migrator 2013 is now part of all editions of FluentBooks for Project Server 2013 (Standard, Cloud Migrator, Cloud Extractor Project Online editions)
  • Project Migrator 2010 is now part of FluentBooks for Project Server 2010 Standard Edition,  FluentBooks for Project Server 2013 Standard Edition and FluentBooks for Project Server 2013 Cloud Migrator Editions.

FluentBooks Pricing

  • Standard Edition (management and migration of Project Server 2010 or 2013)
    $6,000.00 per user
  • Enterprise Edition (management and migration of Project Server 2010 or 2013)
    $12,500.00 (company-wide license, unlimited number of users)
  • Cloud Migrator Edition (migration from Project Server 2010/2013 to Project Online)
    $2,000.00 per Project Online PWA URL
  • Cloud Extractor Edition (migration from Project Online to Project Server 2013)
    $2,000.00 per Project Online PWA URL
  • Online Edition (management and migration of Project Online)
    $3,000.00 (per Tenant, up to 3 Project Online URLs). Additional PWAs are $2,000.00 each.
  • Professional Edition (management and migration of Project Server 2010 and 2013)
    $15,000.00 (company-wide license, unlimited number of users; includes products for 2010 and 2013 platform)

FREE Evaluation License

We offer 30 day evaluation license for the fully functional version of FluentBooks for evaluation purposes.

Terms for the evaluation license:

  • This offer is available for Standard edition of FluentPro FluentBooks for Project Server 2013 / 2010 only.
  • License is limited to 2 PWA. 
  • To receive full-functional evaluation license, please email your company name, full name, email and desired evaluation start date to license@fluentpro.com. You will receive instructions for the product download and licensing of the software.
  • Your evaluation license will expire in 30 days after the evaluation start date.
  • Starting product evaluation means that you read, have the power to accept and fully accepted the EULA published on this website. FluentPro Software Corporation limit of responsibility cannot be higher than amount paid for the license. By starting evaluation you accept this statement without any additional conditions.



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